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Tips to Help Maximise Your Hot Water 2 Jul 2024 Struggling with no hot water? If you’ve checked the water heater’s circuit breaker, power/fuel supply, and connection to the mains and found nothing, chances are good that you’ve simply used all the hot water in the cylinder, and it hasn’t had a chance to refill and heat up once more. While you wait, why not explore a few tips that can help you maximise the hot water your cylinder produces? Aeration Is Your Friend A simple tip to help you reduce the amount of hot water used at many of the taps in your home is to install aerators. These… Read more
The Ultimate Guide to Water Heater Efficiency 25 Jun 2024 Saving money and reducing energy usage are important considerations for most UK households. Chances are good that you turn off lights when you’re not in the room and program your home’s thermostat so that it operates minimally when you’re not home. However, your water heater could be an overlooked source of inefficiency. Our guide will help you fine-tune it to reduce your operating costs and environmental impact. Age If your water heater is 10 years old or older, replace it. Yes, that means incurring an additional expense but considering most cylinders don’t last longer than this and that modern cylinders… Read more
How to Choose the Most Energy-Efficient Water Heater 9 Apr 2024 More and more, UK homeowners are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption to save money. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, this could be your opportunity to get a reliable solution to your hot water needs that will last for years to come but cost you less to use it. But how do you choose an efficient water heater? Solar Water Heaters Solar technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Today’s photovoltaic cells are leaps and bounds better than they once were. You can use that technology to efficiently heat water… Read more
How Does Unvented Cylinder Maintenance Save You Money? 2 Apr 2024 Heating water for use in your home isn’t optional. Your family needs to bathe, you have dishes that must be washed, and you likely use hot water for other things around the house. Of course, all that heated water requires fuel, either gas or electric, and you’ll pay for each unit you use. The good news is that there are many ways to make your water heater more efficient to reduce the amount of energy it uses. One of the best options is a Maintenance Plan. How does maintenance save you money? Improved Heating One of the most important ways… Read more
Tips to Make Your Unvented Cylinder More Energy-Efficient 12 Mar 2024 Running water has revolutionized the Western world. Having access to hot water at the turn of a tap is truly amazing. However, that comes with a cost. You pay money not just for every litre of water that flows through your home’s pipes, but also to heat that water. And when financial times get tight, everyone needs to find ways to cinch up their belts a bit. In this post, we’ll cover a few important ways to make your unvented cylinder more energy-efficient without sacrificing modern conveniences. Turn It Off The first tip we have to offer might seem a… Read more
The Most Critical Tips to Save Money on Your Water Bill 5 Mar 2024 Modern life is made possible by many things. Electricity, heat without fire, and indoor running water are three of the most critical. Of course, all three of these will also cost you money, and those costs can quickly mount. The good news is that you can take control of your spending. In this post, we’ll talk about how to save money when it comes to your water bill. Turn Off the Tap The number of people who don’t turn off the tap when brushing their teeth or doing similar tasks that don’t really require a constant stream of water is… Read more
How Does a Thermal Store Water Heater Save You Money? 13 Feb 2024 Hot water at every tap in the house is a necessity today. It’s essential for washing up, ensuring that your laundry is clean, and so much more. However, heating water for home use isn’t cheap and if you have an outdated water heater, you could be paying quite a lot for the privilege. Switching to a thermal store water heater could save you a great deal of money over the year. But how does this work? What does a thermal store water heater do that helps reduce your expenses? It's All About the Insulation The most important way that a… Read more
How Annual Maintenance Can Improve Your Unvented Cylinder’s Efficiency 6 Feb 2024 Unvented cylinders offer superior performance and reliability to older water heating options. They’re available in a range of sizes and capacities and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. However, despite all its capabilities and advantages, your unvented cylinder does require a little bit of care during its lifespan. Annual Services can help ensure that you avoid costly problems and catastrophes while improving your cylinder’s efficiency. Let’s discuss what you need to know. What Is Annual Maintenance? Most of your home’s appliances should be serviced, maintained, or at least inspected once or twice per year. For instance, your furnace… Read more
Want to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill? Check Out These 5 Tips 16 Jan 2024 Finding ways to save money and make ends meet can be challenging. That’s particularly true when it comes to the water you and your family use in the home. The good news is that it’s surprisingly simple to cut more than a few quid from your electricity bill for heating water with a few simple steps. Below, we’ll discuss five tips to help you save more. 1. Reduce your hot water usage This is perhaps the simplest tip imaginable. If you want to save money on hot water, using less of it will certainly help. Here are a few examples… Read more
Want to Save Money and Energy? Invest in Unvented Cylinder Maintenance 9 Jan 2024 Having access to a constant source of heated, clean water is part of what makes modern life so much better than in centuries past. However, did you know that your unvented cylinder can also be a hidden source of unexpected expenses and wasted energy? Annual maintenance is an important investment to help you save money and reduce energy consumption. How does annual maintenance help? Think Of It Like a Tune-Up All mechanical systems suffer from wear and tear over time. If you own a car, then you know the importance of having your engine oil changed regularly, replacing your brakes… Read more

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