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Water Heater Leaking: The Most Common Causes 28 Nov 2023 Unvented cylinders offer outstanding performance and reliability. If you’ve primarily used older-style vented cylinders, the difference in terms of water pressure and availability at the taps is considerable. However, unvented cylinders are not without their challenges. Unless they’re properly maintained and inspected every year, they can develop leaks that compromise performance and may damage wood and other materials in the surrounding area. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common causes that lead to a water heater leaking. Normal Expansion and Contraction While you might think the walls of your cylinder are static, the fact is that… Read more
Building extension What Type of Water Cylinder Should I Install in My Extension? 15 Jun 2023 If you are planning building work to your current home. You should take a moment and think about what type of water cylinder you should install in the extension. Maybe you’re building a connected granny flat or maybe you’ve finally decided to build that home pub. Whatever the case, there’s a good chance you’ll want hot water at the taps in the extension. Efficiency of delivery will depend greatly on the type of water cylinder you already have. Rather than connecting yet another line to your current cylinder, it’s probably wise to invest in a new one. But what type… Read more
Why Does My Water Heater Make a Popping Noise? 16 May 2023 Under normal circumstances, you should hear some sounds from your water heater. You’ll likely hear it filling during and immediately after use, for instance. Or you might hear the electrical elements heating the water. However, that should be the extent of the sounds you hear. Anything more such as a popping noise or banging sound or an electrical sizzling sound could be a sign that something’s wrong. So, what if you hear a popping noise from your water heater? This is relatively common, particularly for older water heaters in areas with hard water. It’s a sign that there’s a good… Read more
Why Does My Water Heater Keep Turning Off? 16 May 2023 When they work properly, water heaters provide ample heated water for washing dishes and bathing. However, if your water heater keeps turning off, it’s not just an inconvenience. It’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your system. Call an experienced, certified plumber as soon as possible to inspect and service your unvented cylinder. Is Your Water Heater Electric? If you have an electric water heater that keeps turning off, you could be experiencing several different problems. Here are some of the most common issues EasyFlow technicians have discovered working with electric unvented cylinders. Thermostat – Your unvented cylinder is… Read more
Why Does My Hot Water Smell Bad? 16 May 2023 Ideally, when you open your tap, you’re rewarded with a stream of hot, clear water ideal for washing up or bathing. However, if instead you receive a stream of water that smells very strongly of rotten eggs, there could be an underlying problem. Why does your hot water smell bad? Let’s investigate a couple of potential issues. 1. You’re Not Using Your Hot Water Often One potential issue is that you’re not using your hot water very often and your thermostat is set too low to kill off the bacteria in your water. This allows sulphur-producing bacteria to thrive and… Read more
Choosing the Right Water Cylinder for an Apartment 21 Mar 2022 Struggling to choose the right water cylinder for apartments? Whether you’re replacing aging equipment or handling a new build, it can be quite challenging given the many options on the market. Two options growing in popularity are thermal stores and unvented cylinders. How do they differ? Which is the right option for your needs? We’ll break things down so you can make an informed decision. Read more
How to Tell When It’s Time for a New Water Cylinder 16 Jan 2022 Water cylinders provide you with the means to enjoy hot water with the turn of the tap. They supply all the water you need for washing up or showering, let you draw a relaxing bath, and more. However, like all equipment in the home, they’re subject to wear and tear, and you will eventually need to replace yours. How do you tell when... Read more
Is Your Water Cylinder a Threat to Other Tenants? 27 Jul 2021 We tend to think of the equipment within our homes as only affecting us and our experiences. However, for apartment dwellers and landlords, that is not the case. A single faulty piece of equipment could affect not just the flat in which it is installed, but adjacent tenants, as well. This is particularly true of water cylinders. What... Read more
Why Is My Water Not Getting Hot Enough? 23 Jul 2021 Modern technology is wonderful. It enables us to live much more comfortably than our ancestors could ever have imagined. One of the most important conveniences so integral to modern life is the availability of hot water with the turn of a tap. In the past, heating water required burning wood or coal and lots of time, and it was... Read more
Why Does My Hot Water Smell Bad? 12 Apr 2021 When you open the hot tap, you expect to receive a stream of clean, pure, hot water. In most cases, that’s exactly what happens. However, in some situations, you may find that the water coming out of that tap smells a little “off”. If your hot water smells like rotten eggs, there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. What is it and what... Read more

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