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How to Use Your Water Heater’s Tundish 30 Apr 2024 Most homeowners put little thought into how to use their water heaters. These appliances are designed to be hands-off and require very little attention during their lifespans. In fact, most people only know how to check and set their thermostats, but there are many other features that you should understand. One of those is your water heater’s tundish. What Is a Tundish? A tundish is a safety device. It’s built into your water heater to help you detect leaks and to know when to call for repairs or replacement of your cylinder. It looks like a plastic cone, and it… Read more
Why Is My Water Heater Whistling? 5 Dec 2023 The water heater is a wonderful invention. Modern styles, like the unvented cylinder, are even better because they can ensure you have a ready supply of heated water whenever you need it in your home. However, water heaters are pieces of operational equipment, which means they can be subject to wear and tear, damage, and more. You may even hear yours making strange sounds. What does it mean if your water heater is whistling? Water Heater Sounds: Normal vs. Abnormal All water heaters make some sounds from time to time, even when they’re brand new and in perfect condition. You… Read more
Water Heater Leaking: The Most Common Causes 28 Nov 2023 Unvented cylinders offer outstanding performance and reliability. If you’ve primarily used older-style vented cylinders, the difference in terms of water pressure and availability at the taps is considerable. However, unvented cylinders are not without their challenges. Unless they’re properly maintained and inspected every year, they can develop leaks that compromise performance and may damage wood and other materials in the surrounding area. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common causes that lead to a water heater leaking. Normal Expansion and Contraction While you might think the walls of your cylinder are static, the fact is that… Read more
Tips to Help You Maximise the Lifespan of Your Unvented Cylinder 7 Nov 2023 Purchasing an unvented cylinder is an excellent choice. It ensures you have mains pressure hot water at all your taps, even those located higher up in the home. It also gives you a great deal more flexibility when it comes to installation location than what’s possible with an old-style vented cylinder. However, you’ll need to properly maintain that cylinder if you want it to last as long as possible. Below, you’ll find important tips to help maximise your cylinder’s lifespan. Have a Qualified Engineer Perform an Annual Check This is the single most important tip we can provide. Make sure… Read more
My Unvented Cylinder Is Leaking, What Should I Do? 31 Oct 2023 Water heaters make modern life much more bearable. You’re able to wash dishes in the sink, bathe, and more, without having to heat water for the purpose. However, water heaters are subject to wear and tear, and will eventually degrade and need to be replaced. If you’ve noticed that your unvented cylinder is leaking, it can be a confusing, frustrating time. What should you do? Check the Temperature First, check the temperature of the water flowing through the tundish. If the water is hot, you know the leak is from the water heater. If it’s cold, then it’s from the… Read more
Building extension What Type of Water Cylinder Should I Install in My Extension? 15 Jun 2023 If you are planning building work to your current home. You should take a moment and think about what type of water cylinder you should install in the extension. Maybe you’re building a connected granny flat or maybe you’ve finally decided to build that home pub. Whatever the case, there’s a good chance you’ll want hot water at the taps in the extension. Efficiency of delivery will depend greatly on the type of water cylinder you already have. Rather than connecting yet another line to your current cylinder, it’s probably wise to invest in a new one. But what type… Read more
Best-Temperature What’s the Best Temperature to Set Your Unvented Cylinder? 15 Jun 2023 There’s nothing like opening the tap and having a steady stream of hot water pour out. It’s ideal for washing dishes, bathing, and so many other things. Of course, today’s unvented cylinders allow you to set a temperature to your preference, so what’s the right option? Should you turn the heat up? Choose a lower setting? The answer is “it depends”. Getting the right temperature is important for several reasons, and we’ll walk you through them in this blog post. The Prime Range Unvented cylinders should be set within a narrow temperature band, just 60 to 65 degrees Celsius. Note:… Read more
How Can I Tell If My Mains Water Supply Is Suitable for an Unvented Cylinder? 15 Jun 2023 Without a ready supply of hot water at the taps, many of the things we take for granted about modern life are impossible. It’s challenging to wash the dishes or even take a shower. But if you’ve been living with a vented water cylinder, chances are good you haven’t always had the reliable hot water you want. An unvented cylinder can help. However, you’ll need to ensure that your mains water supply is suitable. What’s the minimum flow rate? What else should you know? Why Choose an Unvented Cylinder? Before we discuss your mains water supply, let’s talk about why… Read more
Can an Unvented Cylinder Freeze? 15 Jun 2023 The ability to store and access hot water with the twist of a handle was nothing short of revolutionary. However, old-style vented cylinders suffered from many challenges that made life harder. Unvented cylinders get around those issues, including being able to deal with cold temperatures much better. But can an unvented cylinder freeze? Let’s discuss what you need to know. Why Did Vented Cylinders Freeze? You might be wondering why a vented cylinder would freeze in the first place. There’s a combination of reasons behind this unwanted characteristic. 1. Installation Location – To be effective, vented cylinders had to be… Read more
Why Does My Water Heater Make a Popping Noise? 16 May 2023 Under normal circumstances, you should hear some sounds from your water heater. You’ll likely hear it filling during and immediately after use, for instance. Or you might hear the electrical elements heating the water. However, that should be the extent of the sounds you hear. Anything more such as a popping noise or banging sound or an electrical sizzling sound could be a sign that something’s wrong. So, what if you hear a popping noise from your water heater? This is relatively common, particularly for older water heaters in areas with hard water. It’s a sign that there’s a good… Read more

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