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No Hot Water

No Hot Water?

When you turn on the hot water tap, you expect to see an immediate stream of heated water. If you open the tap and nothing comes out, or if only cold water pours out, it can be frustrating. EasyFlow can help ensure that you’re able to get your hot water back in working order.

EasyFlow have qualified engineers working in your area. We carry many spare parts on our vans and specialise in Unvented Water Heaters. Call us now on 0161 941 5571.

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We Specialize in Unvented Hot Water Heaters

While vented hot water heaters might be the most popular in the UK, unvented hot water heaters were heavily installed at one point, and are still chosen by some builders and homeowners today. These systems are very different from vented hot water heaters, and should only be installed, maintained and repaired by experts who are knowledgeable and experienced. We have a Zero Labour Cost offer for emergency workers

At EasyFlow, we specialise in unvented hot water heaters and related systems, including discharge pipework. We offer industry-leading service and maintenance solutions to clients throughout Manchester and the surrounding area. Our experts carry a wide range of replacement parts on their vans, and we stock even more in our shop to ensure that we’re able to get your hot water back on in record time.

No Water Flow

We offer experienced assistance no matter what has happened to your hot water supply. In some instances, you might open the hot tap and find that no water comes out at all. In this instance, there are many potential problems, including an issue with the mains themselves.

Water Not Heating

If you open the hot tap and tepid or even cold water comes out, it could be related to a very wide range of problems. For instance, there could be a problem with the electrical supply to the hot water heater, such as a blown fuse or something similar. It could also be related to the volume of hot water used already, or it could be related to damage to one or both of the heating elements in the unvented hot water heater.

No Hot Water Potential Issues Causing No Hot Water

An unvented hot water heater is a very complex appliance, and a number of potential issues could leave you with no hot water, or no water at all. A blow circuit breaker or fuse could cause this issue, as could a problem with the RCD. It could be an internal fault with the unvented hot water heater, as well, or it could be an issue with the temperature controller or programmer (incorrect temperature setting).

As you might imagine, it requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot each potential issue and arrive at an informed, accurate diagnosis of your problem. Attempting to go it alone can be a long, trying process that ultimately costs you far more than it should, and still isn’t successfully resolved.

Working with a professional from EasyFlow will help ensure that you spend as little money as possible, while also minimising the amount of time you’re without hot water. Our goal is to help you get on with living your life, and that means rectifying the problem with your hot water heater as quickly as possible.

Do Not Attempt to Fix It Yourself

When you realise you have no hot water, your first instinct is likely to be to attempt a repair on your own. We cannot stress enough that you should leave repairs and maintenance to the professionals. Unvented hot water heater systems are under very high pressure and can cause severe injury if not handled properly. Likewise, they are tied to the electrical system in your home, and a single mistake made when dealing with electricity could be life threatening. We urge you to leave all repairs or fixes to the professionals and call EasyFlow as soon as possible.

The Importance of Maintenance

Many components of an unvented hot water heater will wear out over time through normal usage. You will also encounter other issues, such as lime scale build up within the pipework, which can restrict water flow and cause other problems. The solution to these issues and the only way to ensure a steady, constant supply of hot water from your taps is to make certain that you’re receiving professional annual maintenance. For any unvented hot water heater, annual maintenance is required by law in the UK, and EasyFlow can help.

No Hot Water?

At EasyFlow, we have qualified engineers working in your area. We carry many spare parts on our vans and specialise in unvented water heaters. Call us now on 0161 941 5571.

If you call us soon, we might be able to get to you today!

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