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Gledhill Boilers Repair

Fault with a Gledhill Boiler?

At EasyFlow, we have qualified engineers working in your area. We carry many Gledhill spare parts on our vans and specialise in Gledhill boiler repairs. Call us now on 0800 433 4043.

Gledhill Boilers Repair Service

Gledhill boilers can suffer from a very wide range of faults. However, it doesn’t have to be your headache. Let EasyFlow help. Our experienced technicians have decades of experience handling Gledhill boilers repairs for a very wide range of models, from the Gledhill ElectraMate to the Stainless Lite and everything in between. Whether you’re in need of Gledhill repairs or maintenance, EasyFlow can help.

Our Gledhill boilers repair service includes a complete diagnostic, which will pinpoint the underlying causes of your problem, whether there is water leaking into the tundish, or you have no hot water at the taps. Some of the more common problems we fix regularly with Gledhill repairs include replacement of pump valves, heating element replacement, water leak repairs, PCB replacement, replacement fuses, relay replacement, and sudden pressure loss to name only a few.

A Brief History of Gledhill Boilers

Gledhill has been around for a long time – it was founded back in 1926 by two brothers, Norman and Joe Gledhill. Founded in Blackpool, the company grew steadily, at least until World War II broke out. Due to the need to use copper in the war effort, all boiler manufacturing stopped for several years, but at the conclusion of the war, Norman and his wife revived the business.

Norman’s wife and children all worked in the business, and it remained a family-owned company for a very long time. Significant growth occurred during the 1950s, although they did accept a buy-out offer in the 1960s. The name remained the same, though. The two sons of Norman Gledhill opened their own business in the 1970s making custom hot water cylinders. Eventually, Gledhill was purchased by Groupe Atlantic, which currently owns over 20 different factories spread around the world.

Gledhill ElectraMate 2000 Flow Boiler

PulsaCoil Heat exchanger

Gledhill Torrent

Common Gledhill Boiler Faults

While Gledhill boilers are well-designed, they can and do suffer from a number of common faults. At EasyFlow, we have the experience, expertise and knowledge to handle repairs, replacements, and new installations, so no matter what sort of fault you might be experiencing, we can help. Some of the more common Gledhill boiler faults we encounter regularly are explained below:

Failed Heating Element – The heating elements within the cylinder are responsible for warming the water prior to use. If the element fails, you will have no hot water. Your specific boiler may have a single heating element, but most modern designs feature two to reduce energy consumption and ensure a more reliable hot water supply. If your heating element has failed, it will need to be replaced by a professional.

Sudden Pressure Loss – Without pressure, your boiler cannot supply you with a flow of hot water. You may notice a slowdown of water at the tap, or even no water coming from the hot tap at all. We can help diagnose the problem and restore your boiler quickly.

Water Leaks – Water leaks are some of the most common Gledhill boiler problems we are called on to repair. Whether it’s a leak into the tundish, a leak at a valve or pipe connection, or somewhere else, we have the parts, supplies, materials and expertise needed to rectify the situation quickly and restore your hot water.

PCB Failure – Your hot water heater is more complex than you might think. It is actually controlled by a PCB (printed circuit board). If the PCB fails for any reason, whether it burns out, a connection shorts, or something else, your supply of hot water will be cut off. We can restore your hot water, replace the damaged PCB, and more.

Can You Repair Gledhill Boiler Faults on Your Own?

We do not advise you to attempt any troubleshooting on your own. Repairing a Gledhill boiler requires significant expertise and knowledge, and attempting to do it on your own can be very dangerous. In fact, it could lead to serious injuries. There are a few simple things you can do to verify that the problem is not something simple, though, including the following:

  • Check the circuit/fuse – If the circuit breaker or fuse is blown, this could be the primary reason for the water heater not working. However, there could be a deeper underlying reason for the fuse blowing, so caution is advised.
  • Check the water flow – If water is not flowing into your hot water heater, it will not be able to supply you with heated water. Check the flow of water at the mains to ensure there has not been an interruption to your supply.
  • Power Interruption – If the power supply to your boiler has been interrupted (other than a blow fuse, as mentioned above), the boiler will not heat water.

Why Choose EasyFlow?

At EasyFlow, we have years of experience handling vented and unvented cylinder issues for our customers. We can provide you with expert assistance with a wide range of boiler-related problems, whether your Gledhill boiler is not heating water, there is no water at the tap, or you’re experiencing another problem. We carry most commonly needed parts on our vans, so there is little to no wait needed to get your hot water flowing once more.

Call EasyFlow today and learn why we should be the Gledhill boilers repair company for you.

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