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Telford Tempest

Telford Tempest Water Heaters

Founded in 1989, Telford originally specialised in manufacturing copper water cylinders. However, they have grown beyond that and now manufacture unvented stainless steel cylinders, as well as systems designed to work with renewable energy sources. Today, the company makes both domestic and commercial cylinders, in a range of different types and styles, from the unvented Tempest series to vented copper cylinders and more. At EasyFlow, we provide repair service for unvented Telford hot water heaters for customers in Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and Leeds.

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The Tempest and Tornado Hot Water Heaters

While Telford does manufacture copper vented and thermal store hot water heaters, our primary focus is on the company’s stainless steel unvented units, the Telford Tempest and Tornado lines. Both of these lines incorporate high-quality stainless steel cylinders and offer wall thicknesses up to 40% greater than competing models. These systems also come with a lifetime guarantee, provided they are professionally serviced every year. All the company’s parts are guaranteed for two years. EasyFlow can help you ensure that your guarantee is there when you need it with qualified water heater annual service.

Of course, no water heater, no matter how thick the cylinder walls may be, and no matter how dedicated to quality the manufacturer, will be completely without problems. If you own a Telford Tempest or Tornado stainless steel water heater, there are several important faults that can cause headaches and hassles.

Tempest Water Heaters

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Copper Vented

Telford offers a comprehensive range of direct and indirect copper vented cylinders including the Maxistore, the Trident Copper, TyphoonCR and combination cylinders that incorporate an expansion tank. These cylinders have a ten year guarantee and incorporate high specification insulation. As the company made its name producing high quality copper cylinders, you can expect good quality manufacture across the range.

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Telford Tempest Unvented

Common Faults for Telford Tempest and Tornado Hot Water Heaters

We have assembled information on some of the more common faults experienced by owners of Telford Tempest and Tornado hot water heaters below to help ensure that you’re able to find the answers you need.

No Water: If you open the tap and no water comes out, the primary culprit is going to be the filter. It needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that it remains in good working condition. If the filter is clean, then there is a problem with the supply from the mains.

Low Water Pressure: If you’re experiencing low water pressure when you open the hot tap, the problem is likely a partially blocked filter or a service valve that is not fully open. However, it may also be due to low pressure in the mains, or even the design of the piping in the home or apartment.

No Hot Water: In this instance, the first thing to check is that the boiler is actually working. The pump and the control valve may also not be operating. However, if the cylinder thermostat upper limit cut-off has been activated, the system will also not heat water. A failed immersion heater can also cause this problem, although you will generally notice the breaker tripping as well in this instance.

Volume of Hot Water Insufficient: If you’re running out of hot water, the most likely cause is that you are using more hot water than usual. The volume of the cylinder is limited, and it takes time to heat cold water as it enters the cylinder.

Water Discharge: If you’re noticing water discharging from the P&T or P valves, there are several likely causes. One is that the expansion vessel’s charge may be depleted. Another possibility is that the inlet pressure reducing valve has experienced a fault. Other possible causes include a defective cylinder thermostat or crossflow from an uncontrolled cold water mains supply.

At EasyFlow, we provide Telford water cylinder repair and maintenance services for customers in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.

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