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How Annual Maintenance Can Improve Your Unvented Cylinder’s Efficiency

6 February 2024

Unvented cylinders offer superior performance and reliability to older water heating options. They’re available in a range of sizes and capacities and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. However, despite all its capabilities and advantages, your unvented cylinder does require a little bit of care during its lifespan. Annual Services can help ensure that you avoid costly problems and catastrophes while improving your cylinder’s efficiency. Let’s discuss what you need to know.

What Is Annual Maintenance?

Most of your home’s appliances should be serviced, maintained, or at least inspected once or twice per year. For instance, your furnace or boiler should be professionally inspected and serviced, including replacing air filters and more. Your unvented cylinder is no exception. You might be required by your homeowner’s insurance to invest in regular maintenance, and the cylinder’s manufacturer will require it for them to honour your warranty.

How Does Annual Maintenance Improve My Unvented Cylinder’s Efficiency?

So, how does an annual inspection and service affect your cylinder’s efficiency? Here’s a look:

Cleaning filters – Your cylinder has an integral filter built into the combination valve. Over time, sediment and debris build up on the filter and reduce the flow of water. Annual service can catch this, ensuring that the filter is cleaned or replaced as necessary.

Pressure setting – The expansion vessel or expansion bubble need to be reset to the correct pressure / reinstated so that the cylinder is protected and does not go over pressure each time the water heats up. Overpressure is the main cause of valve failure and cylinder failure and leads to expansive repairs or replacement.

Checking temps – It’s important to keep your water temperature above 50 degrees C to prevent bacteria from thriving. However, too much over this mark is a waste of energy and also becomes a safety issue if you have small children in the household who might be scalded. Annual maintenance ensures that your thermostat is checked and adjusted correctly.

Visual and mechanical assessment – The engineer will visually inspect the entire body of the cylinder, as well as the surrounding area. They’re looking for signs of leaks or other damage that might be present. They will also mechanically assess the cylinder to determine the condition of valves and other components. This ensures that replacements can be made before they reduce efficiency or cause safety issues.

The Importance of G3 Certification for Engineers

Under UK law, only G3-qualified engineers should install, repair, or maintain unvented cylinders. However, not all plumbing companies have this certification. At EasyFlow, our entire team of engineers is G3 qualified, meaning that you get peace of mind and access to the expertise that comes with this degree of education and training. Interested in learning more about annual maintenance and other ways to improve your cylinder’s efficiency? Get in touch with us today! We’d be happy to quote you on annual maintenance or even come to your property to inspect your cylinder.


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