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How Does a Thermal Store Water Heater Save You Money?

13 February 2024

Hot water at every tap in the house is a necessity today. It’s essential for washing up, ensuring that your laundry is clean, and so much more. However, heating water for home use isn’t cheap and if you have an outdated water heater, you could be paying quite a lot for the privilege.

Switching to a thermal store water heater could save you a great deal of money over the year. But how does this work? What does a thermal store water heater do that helps reduce your expenses?

It’s All About the Insulation

The most important way that a thermal store water heater can help you save money is by providing better insulation than vented water heaters. With improved insulation, your water stays hotter for longer, reducing the need to constantly warm it as it inevitably cools.

This is particularly important for homes that don’t use a great deal of hot water during the day, as a standard water heater can cycle on and off multiple times just to keep the stored water at your desired temperature.

They Reduce Your Water Usage

With a traditional vented water cylinder, you generally must open the hot tap all the way to get even halfway decent pressure. With a thermal store/unvented cylinder, that’s not the case. That’s because these water heaters create a pressurised environment within them that provides you with mains pressure water at every tap in your home.

In most cases, you’ll want to mix hot and cold water to achieve a comfortable, safe temperature, which reduces your overall water usage. That increased pressure also means that you don’t have to rinse as long, whether you’re showering in the morning before work or washing the dishes before heading to bed at night.

Installation Flexibility

Traditional vented water cylinders must be installed near the top of the home. That often means paying more for installation and piping. Thermal store cylinders, on the other hand, can be located pretty much anywhere in the structure, meaning that you have a great deal more flexibility when it comes to locating it. You’ll usually spend less on labour and piping in most cases and have your water heater installed in less time. That sounds like a win-win to us. Interested to know about the faults or problems you might encounter? Check out these potential thermal store faults.

Let’s Talk about Your Options

Interested in learning more about how thermal store water heaters work or how much money you might be able to save with one? Get in touch with us at EasyFlow. Our competent, qualified, G3-certified engineers have years of experience working with customers all over the UK and we can help you decide on the best model, capacity, location, and more. Best of all, we’re with you for the long run. We offer annual maintenance plans that will help keep your water heater in peak operating condition to continue saving you money while providing dependable hot water at every tap in your home. We’d love to discuss your needs.


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