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How to Choose the Most Energy-Efficient Water Heater

9 April 2024

More and more, UK homeowners are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption to save money. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, this could be your opportunity to get a reliable solution to your hot water needs that will last for years to come but cost you less to use it. But how do you choose an efficient water heater?

Solar Water Heaters

Solar technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Today’s photovoltaic cells are leaps and bounds better than they once were. You can use that technology to efficiently heat water within an unvented water cylinder and enjoy hot water throughout your home with no reduction in pressure for taps located on different floors.

In this situation, solar panels either augment or replace your mains electricity supply, allowing you to tap into the power of the sun to operate the immersion heaters within the cylinder. That makes these some of the most efficient water heaters on the market.

Thermodynamic Water Heaters

You’re not limited to solar power to improve your water heater’s efficiency. Thermodynamic water heaters are new operations available to UK homeowners and they don’t require any solar panels. They work on the same principle as aerothermal heat pumps in that they use the ambient temperature around the unit to heat water within an unvented cylinder.

Depending on the unit you purchase, these can be up to three times more efficient than your conventional, mains-tied unvented cylinder. They can also be up to 50 per cent more efficient than gas-fired cylinders.

Tankless Water Heaters

Sometimes called “on demand” or “instant” water heaters, tankless models can be either electric or gas fired. They differ from other models in that they do not have a storage cylinder. Instead, water is heated as it passes through the unit and then delivered to the tap or showerhead.

Because tankless water heaters do not have a cylinder to fill with cold water and then heat, they can be much more efficient than other options. However, they are often unable to reach higher temperatures, which can affect your comfort when bathing or your ability to clean.

Unvented Cylinders

While they might not embody new technology the way solar or thermodynamic water heaters do, unvented cylinders are still excellent choices for those seeking a high-efficiency water heater that doesn’t sacrifice pressure or comfort, especially when compared to old-style vented cylinders.

Choosing the Right Water Heater

Not sure which type of water heater is right for your needs? Get in touch with the experts at EasyFlow. We’re happy to offer our insight and experience.

Our engineers are G3 certified, so we can handle unvented cylinder installation and maintenance. Plus, we take care to stay abreast of current developments within the industry and can provide you with the advice and guidance necessary to choose a water heater that will work for your family and hot water needs. We look forward to helping you make an informed decision!


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