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Gledhill Torrent

Gledhill Torrent Direct

While the original Gledhill Torrent has been discontinued by the manufacturer, spare parts are available, and EasyFlow maintains a supply of immersion heaters in stock to better serve our customers in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and Leeds. The current model is the Torrent GreenHeat, and the original Torrent Direct and Torrent MultiFuelStore have been discontinued.

Gledhill Torrent

How Does the Gledhill Torrent Work?

Gledhill manufactured a wide range of models under the Torrent name. However, they all shared certain similarities. For instance, all of them are thermal store systems rather than unvented or conventional gravity fed systems.

Thermal store water heaters work just as the name implies – they store hot water, but do not feed it directly into a home’s piping to the taps. Instead, the heated water is routed through a heat exchanger, where it warms water from the mains to approximately 83 degrees centigrade. This water is then blended with cold water from the mains to reach 55 degrees, a safer temperature to prevent scalding. Not only does this prevent injuries, but it ensures that a smaller system can be installed to save space and create more hot water than would be possible with a different system type.

With that being said, there are significant differences across the range.

The Direct Torrent

The original Torrent was a very simple system. It did not include a PCB, a pump or flow switches. Fewer moving parts means less wear and tear, which reduces maintenance costs. It also featured two immersion heaters, and was designed to use off-peak electricity in a highly insulated cylinder. Heat was transferred through a coiled heat exchanger in the centre of the cylinder.

Torrent GreenHeat

The Torrent GreenHeat is the current model in production. It has a new design to allow it to be used with power sources ranging from heat pumps to bio fuel to solar power.

At EasyFlow, we specialise in electric hot water heaters and provide repairs, maintenance and other services for the original Gledhill Torrent.

Faults with the Gledhill Torrent

Like any other hot water heater, the Gledhill Torrent is subject to some potential faults, although the list is shorter here than with unvented systems or conventional styles of hot water heater, or even with more advanced versions of the Torrent. Because it lacks a pump, PCB and other advanced technology, there are simply fewer things to fail Thus, there are fewer potential faults. Some of the more common faults experienced with the Gledhill Torrent include those listed below.

No Hot Water

A lack of hot water from your thermal store system could be indicative of any number of problems. The most common is a failed immersion heater (of which the original Torrent has two). A fault in an electrical supply line could also cause this problem, as could a faulty blending valve. As the valve ages, it mixes less hot water with the cold, eventually leaving you with no hot water from the taps.


Leaks can occur in a number of places on the Gledhill Torrent. One of the most common is water flowing out through the overflow pipe. If the float valve at the top of the cylinder fails, water will continue to flow into the cylinder, flooding it, and then flowing out through the overflow pipe at the top.

With any electric water heater, leaks and other faults are always cause for concern. While some problems can be troubleshot by the average homeowner, many cannot and some are dangerous to attempt. At EasyFlow, one of our expert technicians can investigate the problem and provide vital repairs and service. We also offer annual maintenance plans that can help ensure a lifetime of hassle-free operation. EasyFlow is a Country and Town Limited Service providing services for Gledhill boilers in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and Leeds areas.

If you need assistance with any hot water heater repairs, to schedule hot water heater maintenance, or to install a new hot water heater, call EasyFlow at 0800 433 4043

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