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Albion Water Heaters

Albion is part of Kingspan Group, and manufactures both stainless steel unvented water heaters and copper water cylinders for use in domestic and industrial installations. Based near Grantham, Albion’s range of models spans their Ultrasteel, Ultrasteel Plus and Aerocyl models, as well as their Mainsflow thermal store hot water heaters. At EasyFlow, we provide repairs, maintenance, spare parts and service for Albion hot water heaters for customers throughout Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.

Albion 170 Litres

Albion Expansion Vessel

Albion Pressure Reduction Valve

Albion Hot Water Heaters

Kingspan Albion manufactures a broad range of different hot water heaters. One is the Albion Ultrasteel/Ultrasteel Plus series. These are unvented cylinders, and have been popular with designers and builders for over a decade. These heaters come with a full 25-year anti-corrosion guarantee on the inner container provided that annual maintenance is conducted. At EasyFlow, we stock a full range of replacement parts for these hot water heaters to ensure that we’re able to complete any repairs as quickly as possible. From immersion heaters to expansion valves and vessels, we have what it takes to handle just about any fault in your system.

Albion also manufactures a number of copper vented cylinders. These include the company’s Ultracyl, Superduty, Maxistore and other models. Albion offers vented systems in a number of capacities, and in both direct and indirect heating styles.

Finally, Albion also makes a thermal store water heater. The Mainsflow thermal store heater is available as a direct or indirect model, and may be used with renewable energy technologies as well.

However, despite the wide range of models and technologies offered by Albion, the company’s products can suffer from a number of different faults. We have compiled important information for owners below to help you determine the cause of your problem and the next step to take toward repair.

Albion Stainless HE

Albion TPE and Expansion Valve

Albion Unvented Water Heater

Common Albion Hot Water Heater Faults

Depending on the Albion hot water heater model you own, you could experience a number of potential faults. We’ve detailed these below.

Leaking from Case: If you notice water leaking from the case, it means that the compression fitting is not sealing correctly. Immediately isolate the unit from the electric supply and call EasyFlow for professional service.

Cold Water at Taps: If you turn on the hot tap and find cold water instead of hot, it could be due to a number of faults. One of the most common is a failed immersion heater – EasyFlow maintains a stock of Albion immersion heaters for just this instance. It could also be that the thermal cut-out has been activated and needs to be reset. The cause will need to be investigated by a professional. Finally, the motorised valve may have a fault.

No Flow from Hot taps: If you open the hot tap and no water comes out at all, chances are good that the filter/strainer has clogged. It should be serviced and cleaned annually to prevent this. It is also possible that the inlet control set may be fitted incorrectly.

Water Leaking from Expansion Relief Valve: If you find water discharging from the pressure relief valve, it might be that the unit is back pressurised, or that the expansion relief valve seat is damaged. It could also be that the expansion vessel’s charge is depleted, or there is a puncture in the vessel’s bladder.

At EasyFlow, we provide complete repairs, service and annual maintenance for both Albion copper and Ultrasteel water cylinders. We are a Country and Town Limited service and provide solutions for customers in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and Leeds.


Pressure Reduction Valve

Temperature and Pressure

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