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Want to Save Money and Energy? Invest in Unvented Cylinder Maintenance

9 January 2024

Having access to a constant source of heated, clean water is part of what makes modern life so much better than in centuries past. However, did you know that your unvented cylinder can also be a hidden source of unexpected expenses and wasted energy? Annual maintenance is an important investment to help you save money and reduce energy consumption. How does annual maintenance help?

Think Of It Like a Tune-Up

All mechanical systems suffer from wear and tear over time. If you own a car, then you know the importance of having your engine oil changed regularly, replacing your brakes when they wear out, and putting new tyres on when the old ones show signs of wear.

You can think of unvented cylinder maintenance in a similar way. When provided by a G3-certified plumber, maintenance can:

  • Identify potential issues and prevent them from becoming major problems.

  • Replace worn components, such as valves, to prevent failures in the future.

  • Spot signs of pending catastrophic failure, like water in the tundish, and make necessary repairs to ensure safety.

  • Improve performance and enhance energy efficiency.

Here’s an example of how this works in your life. If you’re located in certain areas of the UK, you have hard water. Over time, that leaves a coating on your shower tiles, within drains, and more. Now, imagine what that might be doing to the inside of your unvented cylinder. Minerals from hard water settle onto the bottom of the cylinder and over the immersion heater(s). This causes several key problems.

The thicker the coating of minerals is, the more energy is needed for the immersion heater to warm the water. With a thicker coating of minerals, the volume within your unvented cylinder reduces. So, over time, your cylinder ends up with a lower capacity but also takes longer to heat water while using more energy to do so.

Annual maintenance in areas with hard water should include draining and flushing the cylinder to remove this build-up. That saves you money over time, reduces your energy consumption, and can even improve the lifespan of your unvented cylinder.

Here’s another example of how annual unvented cylinder maintenance can save you money. Unvented cylinders build up a great deal of pressure within them. To help reduce the chance of catastrophic failure, manufacturers install pressure relief valves. These valves open when pressure rises too high, venting excess pressure, steam, and water out of the cylinder.

However, it can be challenging for the average homeowner to spot the signs of an overpressure situation. Annual maintenance ensures that your pressure relief valve, tundish, and other important components are inspected regularly and replaced when necessary. That saves you money by preventing potential premature failure, damage to the surrounding flooring, and in other ways.

As you can see, annual maintenance for your unvented cylinder can help you save money, reduce your energy usage, and offer many other benefits. Get in touch with EasyFlow to discuss our annual maintenance plans and to sign up for service!


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