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Santon Premier Plus

Santon Premier Plus

The Santon Premier Plus line of unvented hot water heaters is known for reliability and quality. At EasyFlow, we often recommend the Santon Premier Plus as a replacement for older, outmoded systems. With over 70 years in the business, this is also one of the best-known names in the industry within the UK. Santon has since been incorporated into Heatrae Sadia.

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EasyFlow provide a Santon unvented water heater repair service in Manchester and Liverpool.

The Santon Premier Plus Line of Unvented Water Heaters

The Santon Premier Plus line of unvented water heaters includes both direct and indirect models. This makes these water heaters ideal for use in a range of different installation types, from apartments to single-family homes. Capacities range from 100 litres on the small end to 300 litres on the larger end, and all cylinders offer anti-corrosion benefits thanks to the high-quality stainless steel used to manufacture the cylinders. All tanks also feature industry-leading insulation and reheat times. It’s also important to note that all required components are included with the hot water heater when buying new, including the pressure relief valve, immersion heater and expansion vessel.

However, despite the high quality of the materials and the innovation of the design, Santon Premier Plus hot water heaters are not completely without trouble. There are a number of common faults experienced by owners. We have compiled a list of the most frequently experienced issues with these water heaters for your information below.

No Hot Water Flowing: If you’re experiencing no water flowing when you turn on the hot tap, the problem could be one of several different things. While unlikely, it could be that the mains water supply is off (check the cold tap to verify). It could also mean that the strainer/filter in the hot water heater is completely clogged – annual maintenance will prevent this from happening. The cold water combination valve could also be incorrectly fitted.

Very Hot Water from the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve: If you’ve noticed extremely hot water discharging through the tundish from the temperature and pressure relief valve, the fault may be one of two things. If the discharge is intermittent, the expansion vessel chare pressure is either under 3.5 bar, or it has been set too high. The vessel will need to be recharged, or have the pressure reduced. If you are experiencing a constant stream of very hot water, the cold water combination valve pressure reducer has experienced a fault or the expansion valve seat has been damaged. An experienced EasyFlow technician can determine the fault and repair your hot water heater.

Cold Water from the Hot Tap: If you open the hot tap and experience cold water, the problem may be one or more of several potential faults. It could be a fault with the indirect motorised valve (a poor connection), or it could be that the thermal cut-out has been activated. This can be reset manually, but you’ll need to check that the thermostat is operating correctly. It might also be that the boiler is not working at all, or that the programmer is incorrectly set. The immersion heater or thermostat may also have experienced a fault, or scaling may be causing the immersion heater to malfunction.

At EasyFlow, we offer Santon Premier Plus water cylinder repair and maintenance, as well as emergency service for customers in Manchester, Liverpool and the surrounding areas. We are a Country and Town Limited Service.

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