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Understanding Common Problems with Unvented Cylinders 13 Aug 2020 Today, unvented cylinders are the most frequently recommended option for residential hot water needs. They offer superior pressure in the shower and at the taps compared to vented cylinders. They do not take up as much room as vented cylinders, and they can be installed just about anywhere that there’s access to the mains, as well. However, they can suffer from a few common issues. For homeowners, it’s important to understand the most common problems you might face with an unvented cylinder. Read more
Choosing a Water Heater: What Size Water Cylinder Do I Need? 5 Dec 2019 You need hot water for showers, washing up, doing dishes, and more. While the right brand of water cylinder will ensure that you have reliable operation and fewer hassles, you still need to ensure that you choose the right size for your needs. It’s actually pretty simple to determine what size cylinder you need for your family. We... Read more
EasyFlow servicing an unvented water cylinder No Hot Water You Might Need a Reset 24 Apr 2019 We’ve come to rely on our modern creature comforts. When you press the power button, you expect the tele to come on. When you close the lid and press the start button, you expect your clothes washing machine to begin filling with water. When you open your hot water tap, you expect to receive a stream of heated water... Read more
A Brief Guide to Comparing Gledhill Water Heaters 30 Jul 2018 There are many different water heater brands on the market for UK residents to choose from. However, Gledhill remain one of the most popular for a number of reasons. The company’s products encompass a wide range of capacities, types and styles, and the also offer good reliability and performance. How do you determine... Read more

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