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Manco Riverstream & Powerstream

Manco Riverstream and Powerstream Hot Water Heaters

At one point, Manco manufactured copper hot water heater cylinders for use in homes and apartments throughout the UK. However, the company was bought out by Kingspan in the early 2000s and has ceased manufacturing operations. Currently, there are no hot water heater models being manufactured under the Manco name. With that being said, plenty of the company’s older units are still installed throughout Britain, including the company’s now-defunct Riverstream and Powerstream hot water heaters.

About the Riverstream and Powerstream Hot Water Heaters

Both the Riverstream and Powerstream hot water heaters utilised a copper cylinder. Additionally, both were thermal store systems, which means that they work very differently from gravity feed systems or unvented systems.

Thermal store heaters are vented to the atmosphere, and are capable of supplying mains pressure hot water without the need for pressure within the cylinder. They are also capable of reducing energy use and water consumption, while creating more hot water than the cylinder actually holds. Additionally, unlike unvented systems, thermal store hot water heaters do not require annual maintenance. With that being said, a periodic health check is wise.

While Manco may no longer be in business, spare parts for Riverstream and Powerstream hot water heaters are still available. At EasyFlow, we provide professional, experienced repairs, maintenance and cylinder health checks for customers throughout Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Chester and London.

Given the fact that Manco Riverstream and Powerstream hot water heaters were most popular during the building boom of 2000, there are many owners now beginning to experience faults as their units come to the end of their use life. Complicating this situation is the fact that Manco has been out of business for some time, which means that direct replacement parts are now scarce and difficult to source. With that being said, we carry most replacement parts for these hot water heaters, including blending valves and immersion heaters.

Common Faults with Manco Riverstream and Powerstream Hot Water Heaters

There is good news and bad news here. On the one hand, both of these are thermal store hot water heaters, and have fewer moving parts to malfunction. Additionally, the cylinders themselves are not prone to failure. However, the bad news is that faults do occur. We have included some of the most common faults and their explanation below. Because thermal store hot water heaters do not send water into the piping, most faults will present with the symptom of no hot water at the tap. All water at the taps comes directly from the mains, so failure of the hot water heater will not stop water from flowing.

No Hot Water at the Taps: If you are experiencing no or little hot water (temperature, not volume), the problem is most likely with the blending valve. This valve is responsible for mixing heated water with cold water to achieve a temperature of 55 degrees and preventing scalding while maximising hot water production, but they wear out over time.

Eventually, the blending valve will fail and only cold water will come from the hot taps. This problem could also be caused by a failed immersion heater within the cylinder. Finally, it could mean that the hot water heater’s pump has failed. Hot water is pumped from the top of the cylinder, out and down to the bottom, where it is recycled.

Water from the Overflow Pipe: If you’re noticing water flowing out of the overflow pipe at the top of the cylinder, chances are good that the float valve has failed and the tank is overflowing as a result. The float valve will need to be replaced by an expert technician from EasyFlow.

At EasyFlow, we can provide replacement parts, maintenance, repairs and complete system replacement for owners of Manco Riverstream and Powerstream hot water heaters. We are a Country and Town Limited Service, and provide solutions for customers throughout Manchester, Leeds, Chester and Liverpool areas.

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