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4 Ways an Unvented Cylinder Improves Your Home’s Efficiency and Reduces Energy Consumption

19 December 2023

Looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient? You’re among millions of UK residents doing so for a variety of reasons, from the desire to save money to feeling some degree of energy independence to protecting the planet. While you can do many things, replacing your aging water cylinder with a modern unvented cylinder can do a great deal to enhance energy efficiency and cut consumption. Here are four ways you benefit from installing a modern unvented cylinder.

1. Better Insulation Makes a Big Difference

An unvented cylinder’s ability to maintain a specific internal temperature is the key to it acting as a thermal store and providing hot water instantly. Of course, that’s affected by the cylinder’s insulation. Modern unvented cylinders use much more advanced and efficient insulation than models produced even just a few years ago.

With improved insulative capabilities, your cylinder will reheat water stored within fewer times, cutting down on your energy consumption without affecting your ability to access hot water. That said, not all unvented cylinders are the same, so it’s important to make an informed comparison when shopping.

2. Mains Pressure Water at Every Tap

One of the primary benefits of installing an unvented cylinder is to have mains pressure hot water at every tap in your home. However, did you know that this can also help you save money while reducing your consumption of resources? It’s all about that pressure.

With mains pressure, you can wash up faster and get things cleaner while using less water, whether you’re bathing or washing dishes. This reduces both your water consumption and your energy use because you’re not heating as much water.

3. No Need for a Pump

Anyone who’s ever showered using an old-style vented cylinder understands the challenges involved. Many of them choose to install a pump to boost shower water pressure. With an unvented cylinder, that’s not necessary, saving you money on the purchase of a pump but also reducing energy consumption since pumps require a supply of electricity to operate.

4. The Benefits of a Modern Thermostat

Older hot water cylinders used analogue thermostats. These were good enough at the time, but they’re pretty inefficient. Today’s unvented cylinders use digital thermostats, which are much more efficient and effective. You can easily program the temperature that you want, and the system will automatically adjust and do so more quickly than with older technologies. Some digital systems will even allow you to program on/off cycles to suit your usage needs, so you don’t have to leave the cylinder in heating mode all the time.

If you’re ready to embrace a more efficient, effective way of heating water in your home, we’d love to help. Get in touch with the EasyFlow team to discuss your water heating needs and budget. We’ll help you find the right unvented cylinder and then professionally install it in your home, as well. We also provide annual services to keep it in good condition.


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