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What You Need to Know about Unvented Water Heaters and Safety

21 Sep 2018

When it comes to water heaters, UK homeowners and property owners have several options. Vented water heaters were the norm for many years – these were installed high up in a home, and relied on gravity to pull water toward the taps. They weren’t particularly efficient, and the water pressure was usually very poor.

Unvented water heaters offer a dramatic alternative – mains pressure hot water at the taps without any need for the cylinder to be installed high up in a home. However, there are a few safety considerations to be made with unvented cylinders.

No DIY Repairs or Maintenance

In order to work on unvented water heaters, even plumbers must have special certification and training. That means there is no DIY option for maintenance or repairs here. Never attempt to service your unvented cylinder on your own. Always contact an expert with unvented certification.

Annual Inspection

It is part of UK law that any unvented water heater be inspected annually in order to qualify for homeowner’s insurance. It’s not just about legality, either – it’s about safety and peace of mind. A professional plumber will inspect the entire system and determine if it is safe to use or not. This can also help save you time, hassle and money by catching issues when they are small, before they become major problems.

Water Supply

With an unvented water heater, it is important that the cylinder never be operated if the water from the mains is turned off. If you’ll be having any work done to your home that requires the mains water be disconnected, make sure the water heater is also turned off. Without water flowing in from the mains, it is possible that the water heater will attempt to operate with too little water in the tank. This can cause damage to the immersion heaters.

Unusual Noises

In most cases, your unvented water heater should operate quietly. That’s one of the benefits over older, vented systems – no more gurgling and clanging from the pipes. However, if you do notice an increase in operational noise, it could be a sign that you have lime scale built up within the tank. Calling a professional to flush the cylinder is the only way to alleviate the noise and ensure that your cylinder is in good working order.

Worried about the safety or condition of your unvented cylinder? Get in touch with EasyFlow. Our plumbers are all certified for unvented cylinder repairs, maintenance and replacement, and we can easily troubleshoot your issue to determine the cause, and provide you with a cost-effective solution. Call us today at 0161 941 5571.


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