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Water Heater Maintenance: Does an Electric Boiler Need Maintenance?

25 Mar 2020

Water Heater Maintenance: Does an Electric Boiler Need Maintenance?

Gas heat is used throughout much of the UK. However, there are millions of homes that are not connected to the gas network that still need hot water and heat. Electric boilers offer a viable solution there, providing plenty of performance, reliability, and decent energy savings. However, like any other appliance, there are care and maintenance considerations that you’ll need to make with an electric boiler.

Do You Really Need to Maintain Them Annually?

The simple answer here is “yes”. You should have your electric boiler inspected and serviced every year. The reason for this is that unvented cylinders, while offering better performance and reliability than vented cylinders, do have inherent risks. They are pressurised metal cylinders. If one or both of the safety systems were to fail, it could be very dangerous. Annual inspections and maintenance ensure that your cylinder does not become an explosion hazard.

What’s Required in Terms of Annual Maintenance?

If you have used gas or oil boilers in the past, you will be pleasantly surprised by how little an electric boiler requires in the way of maintenance. There are no specific annual replacements needed, the way there are with other types of boilers. Instead, you really only need a visual inspection of the boiler and the associated systems – including the pressure relief valve and the temperature relief valve. Both of these must be in good working condition for an unvented cylinder to be safe.

Additionally, a qualified plumber will also check a number of other things on your boiler. These include the following:

  • Checking all electrical connections to ensure tightness and that there is no corrosion
  • Checking the tundish and surrounding area for signs of water
  • Checking for signs of damage to wiring, such as rodent gnawing, etc.
  • Check the air bubble in the cylinder tank
  • Check the thermostat for functionality/wear

Additionally, there is a need to drain water heater cylinders periodically. The reason for this is build-up from sediment/debris/minerals within the water itself. For instance, a water supply high in lime will create limescale build-up within the cylinder through normal use. Over time, this build-up can become quite substantial, compromising the performance of the cylinder. By draining the cylinder annually, much of that build-up can be removed. This prolongs the lifespan of your cylinder and improves its performance when factored over time.

As you can see, while there is not a lot involved with annual maintenance, it is important that you have it performed. It’s also important that you only work with a G3 qualified plumber. They are the only professionals licensed in the UK to service unvented cylinders (this doesn’t apply if you have a vented cylinder). At EasyFlow, our professional plumbers are all G3 qualified and capable of providing the maintenance that you need. It’s never been easier to ensure that you and your family have access to a constant flow of hot water. Call us on 0161 941 5571 today to schedule an appointment.

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