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Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Service: When, How Often, and What’s Included?

25 Apr 2022

If you own an unvented hot water cylinder, then you enjoy quite a few benefits over older technology (vented cylinders, we’re looking at you). For instance, you’ve got a ready supply of hot water capable of lasting for many hours. You also enjoy mains pressure water at all the taps in your home.

However, while there are definitely a lot of pluses in favour of unvented hot water cylinders, many people forget about the fact that they need to be serviced. Not sure what that entails? We’ve got you covered.

Why Do Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Need to Be Serviced?

First, understand that all water cylinders benefit from regular service, whether they’re vented or unvented. However, unvented cylinders require annual service, whereas vented cylinders do not. If you check your homeowner’s insurance, chances are good that the insurer has a clause that states you must have the cylinder serviced every year. If you look at the warranty information for your cylinder from the manufacturer, you’ll find a similar notice.

How Often Should Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Be Serviced?

You should have your unvented cylinder serviced every year. Annual service ensures that you’re able to keep an eye on the condition of your cylinder and all its components. A G3-qualified technician (the only ones allowed to service unvented cylinders) will keep an eye out for things like leaks, corrosion, and more. The technician will also test and check various components to ensure that your unvented cylinder is operating correctly.

At EasyFlow, we recommend that you have your cylinder serviced during spring or summer. During the winter, the cylinder works very hard, and a spring or summer check will help to catch any issues that develop during the peak usage season.

What’s Done During an Unvented Cylinder Service?

Every year, your technician should inspect, check, and test the cylinder and its various components. What should be checked, though? Here’s a quick overview of what your service should include:

  • Assess general cylinder condition
  • Expansion vessel pressure
  • Pressure relief valve operation
  • Temperature relief valve operation
  • Mesh filter/screen cleaning
  • Immersion heater test and load check
  • Immersion heater thermostat check
  • Water temperature check
  • Thermostat operation

Is There Anything I Should Do When It Comes to Annual Service?

Your technician will handle most everything related to servicing your cylinder. However, we do recommend that you keep your owner’s manual/instruction guide from the manufacturer in case the technician needs the information contained within it. We also recommend that you keep the area around the cylinder free of obstructions and ensure that the technician can easily access the cylinder when they arrive at your property.

At EasyFlow, we understand the importance of annual service for your unvented hot water cylinder. Our technicians are G3 qualified and have in-depth experience with most of today’s leading hot water cylinder brands, such as Gledhill and Megaflo. Contact us today to schedule your annual service!

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