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Unvented Cylinders Leaking from the Immersion Heater: What You Should Know

6 Feb 2022
Ideally, you’ll never experience a problem with your unvented cylinder. It will provide you with many years of reliable service before you have to replace it. However, that’s not the case for everyone. In some instances, owners may experience problems, including leaks from the immersion heater. What causes these leaks?

The Simple Answer

There is a simple answer, as well as a more complex one to the question of why an unvented cylinder might be leaking at the immersion heater. The simple answer is this: the cylinder has not been properly maintained. All unvented cylinders should be serviced every year. Without annual service, problems can develop. Not to mention that your insurer will likely be unhappy (and may deny any claim related to unvented cylinder failure in the case of lack of maintenance).

During the annual service, several things take place. The valves are all operated to ensure that they are in good working order. The water inlet filter strainer is cleaned to remove any debris or build-up. The expansion vessel pressure is checked, and the internal bubble is recharged if necessary. During the inspection, the immersion heater will also be inspected for issues. If the technician notices that the threads are loose or any signs of an impending leak, they will take immediate action.

The Longer Answer

As promised, there is also a more complex answer to the question of why unvented cylinders might leak from the immersion heater. Immersion heaters are attached to the cylinder via threads – like a bolt.

As the cylinder is used, it is subject to both heat and cold, which causes expansion and contraction in the metal. This can affect the threads of the immersion heater, effectively causing it to loosen over time. Even just a little movement can be detrimental – water requires only the most infinitesimal of gaps to begin dripping into the catch pan beneath your cylinder.

Do You Really Need Annual Maintenance?

Again, there’s a simple answer to the question posed above. Yes, you do need annual maintenance of your unvented cylinder. In fact, chances are good that your homeowner’s insurance requires it.

Here’s the catch, though. While most anyone can service a vented cylinder, including homeowners, that is not the case with unvented cylinders. Only G3-qualified technicians should service and maintain your unvented cylinder. These professionals have the training required to deal with a pressurised system safely.

Schedule Your Maintenance Today

At EasyFlow, all of our experienced technicians hold a G3 certificate. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain, service, and repair your unvented cylinder and our annual maintenance plans will help ensure that you never have to worry about leaks, whether they’re from the immersion heater or another point on the cylinder. EasyFlow are based in Manchester in teh NorthWest and cover Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and North Cheshire.

Contact us today to learn more about our annual maintenance plans or to schedule an inspection and service of your unvented water cylinder. Interested in upgrading from a vented cylinder to an unvented cylinder to enjoy the many benefits these designs offer? We can help with that, too! We look forward to serving your needs.


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