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Unvented Cylinder No Hot Water: Help and Guidance for UK Homeowners

26 March 2024

When you open the tap, you expect hot water to flow. If it doesn’t, there is something wrong. But what is it? If you have an unvented cylinder and no hot water, this guide will help you troubleshoot the issue and get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

1. Check your cold tap.

If you don’t have hot water from the hot tap, close it and open the cold tap. If you have no water from that tap either, then there’s a problem either with the mains themselves or with the mains connection to your home. Check with your local council to determine if scheduled maintenance or repairs might be the cause. If not, you’ll need to check the main’s connection and possibly call in a plumber.

2. Check that your unvented cylinder has electricity.

If you have cold water but no hot water, check the unvented cylinder. Specifically, you want to make sure that it has power. If the circuit breaker has blown, then the cylinder won’t receive the electricity necessary to heat water. Flipping the breaker back to closed will usually turn the cylinder back on.

However, if your cylinder frequently trips the breaker, it’s a sign that you have an electrical problem. You may have also blown a fuse or there could be another electrical issue responsible for the lack of power. Obviously, if your cylinder is connected to your boiler instead of having a dedicated power source, you’ll need to take other steps.

3. Check your boiler.

If your cylinder is connected to your boiler, make sure the boiler is operating. If it’s not, you’ll need to have it serviced before you’ll have hot water in your home again. This is one reason that many people choose to install standalone water cylinders that have their own dedicated power supplies.

4. Check the combination valve on your unvented cylinder.

The combination valve on your unvented cylinder serves many functions, including reducing pressure and acting as a check valve. If the combination valve has failed, you may not have any hot water. You’ll need to have the valve replaced. Get in touch with the experts at EasyFlow for that – don’t try to replace it yourself.

5. If there’s power and water, it could be the immersion heater.

Your unvented cylinder likely has at least one immersion heater responsible for warming the water within the cylinder itself. If an immersion heater fails, your unit will not reach the temperature it should and may not heat water at all. Diagnosing a failed immersion heater is something that only a professional engineer can do, however.

If you’re dealing with no hot water from an unvented cylinder, get the expert help you need. Call EasyFlow and let our team handle your troubleshooting and repairs. Our G3-certified engineers are experienced and licensed to work on unvented cylinders, and we carry most parts to ensure a quick, accurate solution.


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