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Why Is the Water Pressure at My Hot Tap So Low?

1 Jul 2019
With modern water heating technology, you expect to have mains pressure hot water at the tap. However, there is a chance that you’ll open the tap and find that your pressure is very low. What is the issue? While there are several potential causes here, one of the most common is a failing (or failed) pressure reduction valve, or PRV.

What Does a Pressure Reduction Valve Do?

Really, the name says it all. A pressure reduction valve, sometimes called a safety valve, is actually responsible for reducing the pressure of water flow to something that your home’s system can handle. The water within the mains is most likely at 60 PSI or higher. However, your home’s appliances, piping, and fixtures, likely cannot handle anything over 50 PSI. The pressure reduction valve’s job is to make sure that your water supply system does not become over pressured.

Why Would A Failing PRV Cause Pressure to Drop?

To be clear, a failing pressure reduction valve does not always lead to a drop in pressure. In fact, it can sometimes result in the opposite – an increase in pressure as mains pressure water pushes past the valve. However, it is also possible that a failing pressure reduction valve will cause a drastic, system-wide reduction in pressure.

How Can I Tell If It Is My Pressure Reduction Valve?

While the only sure way to tell if the pressure reduction valve is the culprit is to have your system serviced by a professional technician, you can do a quick check that will at least point you in the right direction. Check the hot water pressure at all taps in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom sinks, showers/tubs, and more.

If the low pressure is consistent across the system, this is a good sign that the pressure reducing valve is to blame. However, if you notice that some taps have normal pressure while others do not, the cause is most likely something else. A number of issues can cause a reduction in pressure at some taps but leave others unaffected, including dirty shower cartridges, clogged filters, and more.

Another quick check you can conduct is to look at the end of the pressure reduction valve. Do you see water leaking? It could be dripping, or it could be a more serious flow of water. If either is the case, the valve is failing and must be replaced.

What to Do If You Suspect Your Pressure Reduction Valve Is Bad

If you suspect that your pressure reduction valve is responsible for your loss of hot water pressure at the taps, you need to contact qualified help immediately. Call Easy Flow at 0161 941 5571 and we will schedule a service call to determine what the problem is and to get your hot water system back in working condition once more. In most instances, our technicians carry accurate replacement parts with them, so a repair could take mere minutes.

EasyFlow can send an engineer to you if you’re located in Greater Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool and Chester.


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