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Why Is My Water Not Getting Hot Enough?

23 Jul 2021

Modern technology is wonderful. It enables us to live much more comfortably than our ancestors could ever have imagined. One of the most important conveniences so integral to modern life is the availability of hot water with the turn of a tap. In the past, heating water required burning wood or coal and lots of time, and it was usually not available on demand.

With today’s water cylinders, most of us have access to all the hot water we want at any tap in the home. However, what if your water is not getting hot enough? If your water is coming out cool or lukewarm, there are a few things you can check, as well as a couple of deeper issues that might require professional assistance from an EasyFlow plumber.

Check Your Thermostat

The first thing to check is your thermostat. Is it set correctly? Of course, many homeowners are unaware of what their thermostat should be set at in the first place. Your water should be a minimum of 50 degrees C to kill bacteria. It can be set higher than this for comfort. However, be aware that very hot water can pose a risk of scalding to young children in the home, so use caution.

It is possible that your thermostat has not been bumped or misadjusted. Old thermostats may be faulty. If you set the thermostat and find that you are still unable to get an adequate temperature from your water cylinder, it may need to be replaced.

Gauge the Temperature Rise

Most of the time when you open the hot tap, cold water emerges first. This is because the hot water in the line has cooled between the time the tap was last opened and this use. You must allow the cold water to flow out and for fresh hot water to replace it. According to HSE, your water should reach at least 50 degrees C within 60 seconds of opening the tap.

Immersion Heaters

Water cylinders heat water through what are called immersion heaters – specially designed heaters that sit within the tank and are completely immersed in water. As the heaters warm, the temperature transfers to the water in the cylinder.

However, immersion heaters will only last for so long. Over time, debris can build up on them, limiting their effectiveness. A thick coating of minerals can prevent most of the heat generated from reaching the water surrounding the heater. Regular maintenance can help prevent this from happening.

It’s also possible that one or more immersion heaters within the cylinder are faulty. In this case, you may have lukewarm or even cold water from the hot tap. Two options exist for rectifying this situation: replacing the faulty immersion heater(s) and replacing the entire unvented cylinder.

Call EasyFlow For Help

Being stuck with cool or lukewarm water can be frustrating. It’s also unsafe, as your cylinder may not reach the temperature required to kill dangerous bacteria. Call EasyFlow today to schedule an inspection with one of our G3-qualified plumbers.

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