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What Are the Differences Between Unvented Cylinder Brands?

9 Jul 2020

Thinking about upgrading your vented cylinder for an unvented cylinder? There are plenty of advantages here, including less need for space, no need to put it in the attic of the home, better water pressure, and more. Still, it can be challenging to choose the right model given the number of unvented cylinder brands on the market.

From Gledhill to Telford, Santon to OSO, Heatrae Sadia to Megaflo, what are the differences between brands? What makes one stand out from the rest? In this post, we’ll explore what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Reheat Time from Cold

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is how long it takes the cylinder to reheat from cold. That is, once you mostly empty the cylinder through a long, hot shower, or washing a load of dishes, how long will you have to wait before you have a full cylinder of hot water again? That can vary greatly from brand to brand and even model to model. Some of the better options on the market can reheat a full cylinder in 22 minutes, while others may take 24, 27, 30 minutes, or even longer.

Capacity for the Price

The cylinder’s size – it’s volume – is an important consideration. However, you also need to consider the price for that capacity. While one unit might offer 170-litres in capacity, it’ll set you back around £900, not counting installation. Another brand’s cylinder of the same size would cost around £600 or so before installation. However, the more affordable option has a much longer reheat time than the second model (36 minutes versus 22 minutes). Compare your options and find an unvented cylinder that offers a good capacity for the price, but also compare with an eye for reheat time.

ErP Efficiency Rating

Efficiency is a critical consideration, as it will affect the cost of operating your water heater over time. The more efficient the unit, the less it will cost to operate. However, that generally means you’ll pay more upfront. Ideally, you’ll opt for an unvented cylinder with an A rating, but that may not be in your price range. B and C ratings are also worth considering and will usually save you a little cash upfront without completely sacrificing energy efficiency.


Your unvented cylinder will come with a guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. However, the length of that guarantee can vary dramatically from brand to brand. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty on the entire cylinder, while others may only provide 35 or 30 years. Some brands even limit their coverage of internal components to just two years. Shop carefully so that you get the protection you need.

Need Help? We’re Here

Need a hand comparing the various unvented boiler models on the market? We would love to help. Our certified unvented cylinder specialists can help you find the right brand, capacity, efficiency rating, and guarantee length for your needs and budget.

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