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The Importance of Servicing Your Unvented Water Cylinder

23 Jun 2021

If you own an unvented water cylinder, you know the benefits it can offer over old, vented style cylinders. You get mains pressure water at the taps, have no need to store the cylinder in the attic, and so much more. However, it is crucial that you have your unvented cylinder serviced regularly. Why is that?


Your water cylinder is responsible for heating the water you and your family use for bathing, washing dishes, and more. Heating water requires energy. Over time, scale from hard water and other debris can build up within your cylinder.

That reduces the system’s efficiency, and you’ll find that you’re paying more for less hot water. Having your cylinder serviced annually ensures that build-up is kept to a minimum and maximises your efficiency and savings.


It’s not just about saving money and energy, though. If not properly maintained, an unvented water cylinder can become dangerous. These systems are pressurised.

They are designed with safety valves that allow excess heat and pressure to escape if the water cylinder becomes over pressurised, but if the valves fail, pressure could build up to dangerous levels. Ultimately, that could compromise the walls of the cylinder, causing catastrophic failure (and related damage to your home).

Cylinder Integrity

Over time, your unvented water cylinder will suffer from wear and tear. Even steel can eventually succumb to damage. By having your cylinder properly inspected and maintained every year, you can keep an eye on potential damage and maintain cylinder integrity. That helps you maximise your investment while enjoying a constant flow of hot water at the taps. Corrosion at inlet and outlet connections can also cause problems, and even a very small leak can lead to damage to your home’s structure.

Maintaining Your Warranty

Chances are good you purchased your unvented water cylinder with an eye toward future protection in the form of a manufacturer’s warranty. These guarantees offer peace of mind and protection in the event of premature failure. However, did you know that most manufacturers require you to have annual inspections and maintenance performed, otherwise the warranty is voided? That’s right – without annual maintenance, you may have no protection at all.

What Does Annual Maintenance Look Like?

Annual maintenance is not intensive, and with a professional team like EasyFlow, it is simple to arrange and also cost-effective. First, we conduct a full visual inspection of the cylinder, as well as all connections. Next, we test the safety valves to ensure full operation and protection in the event of an overheat/over-pressure situation. The cylinder should also be drained to remove any debris built up within it, and then allowed to refill.

Sign Up for Annual Maintenance

Whether you want to maximise efficiency, ensure protection for your home, or guarantee that you always have a steady supply of hot water at the taps, unvented water cylinder maintenance is the key. Contact EasyFlow today to learn more about our annual maintenance service and how we can keep your unvented cylinder in top shape.

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