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No Hot Water from My Range Tribune Unvented Cylinder: A Troubleshooting Guide

26 December 2023

Range Tribune unvented cylinders are known for their reliability, performance, and affordability. However, they do require the right care and maintenance over time. Otherwise, you could find that you open the tap, and no hot water comes out. If you’re experiencing no hot water from your Range Tribune unvented cylinder, it could be due to one of several different causes. We’ll help you troubleshoot the situation.

Check the Cold Tap

The first thing to do if you notice that you have no hot water is to close the hot tap and open the cold one. Do you have cold water? If not, then the problem is more likely with the mains water supply than with your Range Tribune unvented cylinder. If the mains water supply has been cut off, you won’t have hot or cold water until it’s restored. If you do have cold water but no hot water, move to the next step.

Check Your Usage

One of the most common reasons a Range Tribune unvented cylinder might not be producing hot water is simple overuse. Have you just washed the dishes while someone else showered? Depending on the capacity of your cylinder, that could have been enough to deplete its store of heated water. Solving your no hot water problem could be as simple as waiting for the cylinder to refill and reheat.

Check the Setting

Modern unvented cylinders allow you to control the temperature of the water for convenience and safety. In most cases, the thermostat will be mounted to the unvented cylinder itself or will be located nearby. Check that the thermostat has not accidentally been set to a low temperature. Note that analogue thermostats are easier to accidentally throw off than newer, digital styles.

Check the Power Supply

While Range Tribune unvented cylinders come in both direct heat and indirect heat versions, direct heating is the more popular of the two. These units are electric and have their own heat source (immersion heaters within the cylinder itself). Check that the power to the cylinder is still on. The first place to look will be the breaker box to make sure that the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. If it has, reset it and let the cylinder heat up again. If the circuit breaker trips again, you’ll need to call an electrician.

Not Sure? Get Professional Help from EasyFlow

Call the professionals if you’re unsure why your Range Tribune unvented cylinder is not producing hot water. At EasyFlow, our G3-certified plumbers have the experience and expertise necessary to troubleshoot your situation quickly and accurately. We are also intimately familiar with the different Range Tribune models. In most cases, we can restore your hot water the same day. We carry the most commonly needed parts on our trucks for the fastest and most efficient service possible. Schedule your appointment today, and we’ll be there as quickly as we can.


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