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Understanding the Lifespan of a Water Heater

16 May 2023

Unvented cylinders offer many advantages over older vented cylinders. However, they are more expensive, so it makes sense to maximise your investment. Doing so requires that you answer a few specific questions, including:

  • How long does the average unvented cylinder last in a UK home?
  • What factors affect its lifespan?
  • What can you do to prolong it?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll answer in this blog post.

How Long Does the Average Unvented Cylinder Last?

On average, unvented cylinders last around 10 years. However, you may be able to extend that lifespan to 12 or even 15 years in some cases. Many factors will affect the lifespan of your unvented cylinder, including whether it was professionally installed, the amount of usage, and even the level of mineralisation in your home’s water.

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of an Unvented Cylinder?

As mentioned, several factors will affect the lifespan of your cylinder. These include the following:

Installation – The method of installation will have a profound effect on the lifespan of your unvented cylinder. For instance, if you do not hire a professional plumber certified to work on and install unvented cylinders, chances are good that it will have a short, problem-plagued life. However, if a professional installs it, you have the best chance of a long, trouble-free cylinder life.

Usage – How often you use your unvented cylinder will also affect it. Heating/refilling cycles take a toll on the system’s components. Generally, the more you use your hot water, the shorter the life of the cylinder will be.

Maintenance – Perhaps the single most important factor in determining the lifespan of your unvented cylinder is whether you have it professionally serviced every year. Note that this is a requirement for most UK residents by their insurer. Professional maintenance can help spot leaks before they become major issues and even prevent them entirely. It can also help prevent mineral build-up on the internal components and component failure.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Unvented Cylinder

Given the expense of purchasing a new unvented cylinder, you’ll want to make sure the one you own lasts as long as possible. The key to that is ensuring that you have a trusted plumber to provide you with annual maintenance and inspections.

At EasyFlow, we offer a multi-point inspection every year with every maintenance plan. We also service all major unvented cylinder brands and most smaller brands, including MegaFlo, Albion, OSO, Manco, Range, Heatrae Sadia, and many more. Our service technicians carry the most frequently needed parts with them, which means repairs are quick.

As a note, there comes a time in a cylinder’s lifespan when the cost of maintenance and upkeep outweighs the cost of a new cylinder. If yours is nearing the end of its life, we can work with you to choose the right size, brand, and type for your home and hot water needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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