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Is a Thermal Store Right for Your Needs?

16 May 2023

You might be familiar with vented and unvented water cylinders. These are two very popular choices for heating the water in your home for use in showers, baths, washing dishes, and more. However, there is a third option – a thermal store cylinder. If you’re unsure what benefits you’ll get from a thermal store or how this option stacks up against your other choices, this blog post is for you.

What Is a Thermal Store?

A thermal store cylinder (also called a thermal storage cylinder or tank) acts similarly to a conventional water cylinder in many ways. However, there is one major exception – the hot water coming from your taps does not come directly from the thermal store. Instead, it first passes through at least one heat exchanger, which transfers heat from the thermal store into the water. The water then flows onward to the open tap.

With a conventional water cylinder, the heating occurs within the cylinder, and the hot water that comes out of the tap is directly from the cylinder itself. There is no intermediary step.

So, what are the benefits of a thermal store over an unvented water cylinder?

The Benefits of a Thermal Store

1. Mains Pressure with a Vented Cylinder

One of the first benefits is that you can enjoy mains pressure hot water at every tap in the house with a vented cylinder. These cylinders are vented to the outside atmosphere, do not require expansion vessels as unvented cylinders do, but thanks to the heat exchangers, they do not require installation at the highest point in the home to maintain water pressure.

2. No Need for a Discharge Pipe

Unvented water cylinders require a discharge pipe capable of handling exposure to temperatures as high as 95 degrees centigrade. However, not all homes have these discharge pipes installed, nor can they be installed in all homes. If this is your situation, then you cannot install an unvented cylinder, so a thermal store will be the better option (particularly over old-style vented cylinders that cannot provide mains pressure water to all the taps).

3. Ability to Connect Multiple Heat/Energy Sources

With a thermal store, you’re able to connect a single heat source, such as a boiler, but you can also connect to many others. These include wind and solar power systems, wood-fuelled stoves, oil-fuelled appliances, and more. It’s not just the variety of heat sources, though, but the fact that you can connect multiple heat sources to the thermal store to ensure that you always have a ready supply of hot water.

4. Versatility in Location

We’ve already mentioned the fact that thermal stores do not require a discharge pipe, which makes them a viable option for those without or who cannot install a discharge pipe. However, that also means that these cylinders can be installed in many areas, including internal rooms, as there is no need for them to be installed near an exterior wall or service riser.

Not sure what solution is right for your water heating needs? Contact EasyFlow. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, inspect your installation area, and recommend the right option to ensure that you have ready access to hot water.


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