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How to Choose the Right Replacement Water Heater

3 Dec 2018
Whether you’ve just had a new home built, or you’re replacing an aging unit, there’s a lot that you need to know about choosing a water heater. These appliances perform a simple yet essential task – supplying you and your family with hot water at the taps at all times. The right choice will ensure that you always have a ready supply of hot water, but the wrong choice could leave you paying more than you should, and still not enjoying the water supply that you deserve. What should you know about choosing the right water heater?


Perhaps the single most important consideration when replacing a water heater is that you get the right capacity (for a thermal store, unvented water heater). These cylinders actually store the heated water and hold it until you’re ready to use it. You need to make sure that the cylinder you choose is large enough to meet your maximum demand.

For most households, this is during the morning, when the children are getting ready for school, and the parents are getting ready for work. However, it may be during the evening for your home. Determine when there is the most demand for hot water, and then size your water heater replacement accordingly.

Energy Consumption

Another important consideration here is the energy consumption of the water heater. Modern units are much more efficient than they were several decades ago, but you’ll find that there’s still a lot of disparity on the market. Generally speaking, the cheaper the hot water cylinder, the less efficient it is. That does not mean that you need to purchase the most expensive unit on the market, but it does mean that you need to realise that you often get what you pay for.

Timer or Programmer

It’s important that the water heater you choose has a programmer or timer built into it. This ensures that the unit will heat water when electric rates are at their lowest, and store that water at the right temperature until you’re ready for it. This can save you and your family a great deal of money over the course of a year. In some instances, you can adjust the programmer to meet your usage needs, or the power situation in your area of the UK.

Insulation Quality

Finally, you need to consider the quality of the insulation with the cylinder. This is what keeps the water at the right temperature. The higher the insulation level, the longer the water’s temperature can be maintained at the ideal temperature, and the less frequently the immersion heaters will kick on to reheat the water. It’s all about reducing demand for electricity and saving money, without sacrificing comfort.

In the end, there are many potential water heater models that might fit your needs. Perhaps the best path forward is to work with an expert – call EasyFlow at 0161 941 5571 and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and the options available.



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