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How Much Does It Cost to Replace My Water Heater

12 October 2023

Have you noticed that you have less hot water available than previously? Maybe your water heater has failed outright, and you have no hot water at all. Either way, you will certainly need to know how much it costs to replace a water heater. The simple answer is “it depends”. Let’s explore the many factors that will affect the price you pay.

Type of Water Heater

The most significant factor here is the type of water heater you choose to install. A simple unvented, copper cylinder could cost between £200 and £400, with labour to install adding another £30 to £80 per hour. An unvented cylinder can cost between £200 and £2,000, and you also need to factor in the labour costs.


Another thing to consider is the capacity you need. You’ll want a water heater that can store sufficient hot water so that everyone in the home can use it at the same time, at least for short periods. That means you’ll need enough hot water to handle operating a sink/basin, a bathtub, and possibly a shower all at the same time.

Heating Type

The heating method will also affect your cost to replace a water heater. Direct heating and indirect heating are the two choices, but each option comes with a different cost. Direct heated cylinders are usually less expensive, but indirect heated cylinders are less expensive to operate in most cases.


Another factor that will play a significant role in the cost of replacing your water heater is the location. The harder it is to access the area where the water heater is installed or where you’ll install the new one, the more expensive it will be. This speaks directly to the costs of labour – the harder it is for a G3 engineer to access the space, the more time it will take. The longer it takes, the more you’ll incur in labour charges.

Why Choose an Unvented Cylinder?

You might be tempted to go with a vented cylinder to save money, but that could be a mistake. While vented cylinders were once the most popular type in the UK, that’s no longer true. Unvented cylinders offer substantially more benefits so, despite their higher cost, most people choose to install one of these.

What benefits do they offer over old-style vented cylinders? Here’s a quick look:

• More efficient
• Cost less to operate
• Better for the environment
• Give you mains pressure hot water at all taps
• Can be installed almost anywhere, not just in the attic or top of the building

Get Expert Help with Your Water Heater

If you’re comparing your options before buying a new water heater, get in touch with EasyFlow. We have years of experience working with homeowners and business owners throughout the UK, and our G3-qualified engineers can easily install unvented cylinders that meet your water usage needs and budget. We also provide annual maintenance, repairs, and service to help keep your water heater in good working condition.


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